Signs You Need a New Roof

Regularly inspecting your roof is the key to your roof’s future health. By reading this article, and knowing what to look for, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run.


The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends for everyone to check their roofs twice a year – during the Spring and the Fall. The first place to look is inside your attic, and you will need a flashlight.


There are four things to look for:


  1. If the roof is sagging
  2. Leaking or water damage
  3. Light showing through the roof
  4. Trails and dark spots


Checking for these will determine if your roof will need repair or replacement. Knowing the age of your roof will also help when determining whether your roof can last another 5 years or if it needs to go.


How Long Do Roofing Materials Last?


Cedar – The typical lifespan of cedar roofing is about 20 years. To tell if your cedar roof is in need of replacement, you will see noticeable differences: splits in wood and wood falling apart. This is especially common in drier weather.


Tile – This type of roof can last up to 100 years, but it is common for single tiles to break off. When you notice broken tiles, it is either time to repair or replace your roof. Individual broken tiles can only be replaced by a roofing specialist.


Concrete – Concrete roofing will last a lifetime and should not need any replacing.


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