If you are desperately looking to save on energy bills, your best bet would be to invest in a sustainable front door. It is wise to check your front door once a year to make sure it is still as energy efficient as the day you bought it, and the door can still operate to its capacity. There comes a point where your front door eventually needs to be replaced. Doors can last a while, but it is important to test their efficiency.

Here are a few ways to determine if your door needs replacement:

      • On dry and wet humid days, open and close your door. Your door should close smoothly, and not fit tight on a humid day. If your door fits tight, this could mean it’s losing energy by leaking air in dry temperatures.
        • The weather stripping around your door should be secure. To make sure it is in place, check to see if there is light coming through the closed door on a bright day. If there is light shining through, the stripping may have worn out.
        • Check your locks to make sure they don’t get jammed, and they work smoothly. Having a strong, secure lock will give you and your family peace of mind.
        • Be sure to touch your door both on cold and hot day, to check the temperature of the door. If the temperatures on the outside are felt through to the inside surface of your door, than it does not have good insulation. Replace your door with a heavier insulated, more energy efficient door.

        What Do I Look For in a New Door?

        A person should look for a solid, sturdy door that is also energy efficient. A solid fiberglass door is four times more energy efficient than a wooden door, and will resist to weather, damage, rotting and rusting. It has a dense layer of polyurethane foam on the inside to keep the door insulated. According to American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), fiberglass doors are very stable, reliable, energy efficient and customizable for design.

        So, if you have read the tips and are skeptical if you should replace your door; it’s worth giving us a call at 1-860-653-3350 so we can check it out. We offer a free estimate for all first time customers, so you have nothing to lose!