Why Should You Purchase Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl Siding is a popular choice today in America. With its beauty and unique look, it has become the number one type of siding for homes in America. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 33 percent of American homes in 2012 were built with vinyl siding.

The affordability is an aspect many homeowners look for with their siding installation. It is the most cost-effective solution for an exterior material, and is ranked the top home improvement projects because you are able to get back the costs put into it at the time of resale.

Vinyl Siding also has many options from design and textures, to colors and trim. There are more varieties of colors than other materials offered on the market This type of siding can replicate different materials including wood, slate and stone – without the high costs. You can get the look of many different architectural accents, at a price that is comfortable for you.

double5Durability is one of the top aspects about this type of siding. It is resistant from virtually all types of weather, from extreme heat to extreme cold. It has capabilities of withstanding high winds, and has even lasted through Hurricane Sandy. Many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, proving their product has the quality to last a lifetime.
Finally, vinyl siding is a sustainable material for roof installation. Other exterior materials like brick are outperformed by vinyl siding. It is a very green material, which creates a cleaner environment, and saves you money. Vinyl siding with insulation is an even greener option because it adds energy savings with the addition of insulation. It has the same durability and beauty to it, with the added bonus of extra energy savings. If you would like to more about transferring your home to the versatile option of vinyl siding, contact us today for a free estimate!