10 Things You May Not Know About Vinyl Siding

  1. What is Vinyl Siding? – The vinyl siding material contains long strips of polyvinyl chloride(PVC) which mimics the look of a wooden exterior.
  2. Should I Remove Any Current Siding? Roofers generally install vinyl over any existing siding for renovation projects, but you can remove your current siding.
  3. How Do I Clean Vinyl Siding? You can clean your vinyl siding with mild soap and water. The least amount of water pressure is best, so you do not have to use a power washer.
  4. Can it Withstand High Winds? Vinyl siding is a great material for high winds. It can withstand winds on average of up to 110 mph. If the siding rips off in a big storm, it is the easiest siding to re-install.
  5. What Does It Mean When Vinyl Siding is Referred to in “squares”? One square of vinyl siding is 100 feet of siding, which is 10 ft by 10 ft of siding.
  6. What Colors Are Available With Vinyl Siding? Increasing improvements to vinyl siding have made different varieties of colors possible. Originally, colors were beige or pastel, but more richer colors have been added to the color options.
  7. Will the Color on the Siding Last? The color will last a lot longer than most siding options. However, anything applied to a housing’s exterior will not be able to last a lifetime.
  8. Is Vinyl Siding Cheap or Tacky Looking? Manufactures each year are making better improvements with vinyl. Years ago, vinyl was often a plain vanilla color, but now colors are better and siding appears has a more authentic look.
  9. What Is the Best Color Choice For Vinyl Siding? Light colors are best for vinyl siding because they better resist damage from heat and sunlight. Vinyl Colors that are dark have more materials in them to make the vinyl more stable.
  10. Why Are There So Many Houses Today With Vinyl Siding? Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable options out there for siding. While being cost-effective, it is also has a historic look to it that makes it look like wood. The most important attribute is that vinyl is very strong and resists from cracking and weathering.

So if you are interested in vinyl siding, contact us today. We would be more than willing to help you pick the right color and vinyl siding type for your home. Vinyl siding is easy to install, affordable and has a long lasting color that will give your home the authentic look of more expensive siding – without the price!