Why is Vinyl Siding is America’s Favorite Brand?

Vinyl siding is sought after by many homeowners today. It is a material that is much stronger than traditional siding, and gives you the appearance of wood without the extra cost. Vinyl does not need to be repainted, and it will not scrape or peel. If you are looking for high quality siding at a reasonable price, then look no further. Spend less time on the exterior of your house, so you have more time to enjoy it.

America has been choosing vinyl siding as their favorite exterior choice for years. With rich color choices, and a luxurious appearance, you do not have to spend the extra money for a beautiful look. The easy maintenance and great value is what keeps contractors and homeowners coming back to order vinyl again and again. Being more environmentally sustainable than other exterior sidings, it is the future choice of siding options.

halfstoneAttractive exteriors do not have to be impossible to find, with quality workmanship and panels built to last. With different styles and designs, you can chose your color and unique texture. Some textures mimic a rough cedar grain, while others have a rustic look with deep grooves. Vinyl can be offered in different types of
shingles such as half round for a beautiful scalloped edge, or the Perfection Shingle Triple 5” that creates a real shingle look with a cedar-like texture.

After Vinyl Siding is installed, there is no need for any maintenance other than to clean the panels occasionally with mild soap and water. Paint is not needed after installing, and the color will not fade. We use Mastic Vinyl siding which has 35 different color choices, and customizable trim and accent colors.

With all the benefits of vinyl siding, why not try it today? The experts at Peter l Brown have been helping you protect your biggest asset, your home, since 1960. We are a family-run business and our job is to give you the best quality service available. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of vinyl siding. We help customers build their dream homes, use the best materials and an friendly service team to make your dream a reality.