Don’t Overlook Your Roof

If you are in need of Hartford, CT roofers, the experts at Peter L. Brown are here to get the job done. The roof is a very easy part of your home to overlook and if you’re not paying attention problems may quickly arise. Many people overlook their roofs for a number of reasons:


  • A Roof is out of sight out of mind
  • It’s hard to see the top of the roof
  • You cannot thoroughly examine the roof without a ladder
  • You do not notice the roof until something is wrong


Before and After with Atlas Scotchgard Roof Shingles

Sometimes, when you wait to examine your roof until you have a problem, it may be so damaged that it needs to be replaced. It is always a good idea to get your roof checked annually to ensure that there are no major problems. If there is a minor problem, it cannot be ignored and should be handled right away or it can develop into a major problem. Even minor leaks can lead to major problems. This can make the interior walls deteriorate from the leak, and go all of the way down to the foundation.

Usually when a leak reaches the foundation, it can cause a large amount of damage. In conjunction with leaks mold may develop which can be hazardous to the structure of your home and your health. To avoid spending money and a lot of time repairing your roof, get an annual roof inspection to rule out any issues.

If it is already too late, and you need a Hartford, CT residential roofing contractor we use only the best materials for preventing future roof problems. One material we use is the Atlas Roof Shingles with Scotchgard Protector. These specially designed shingles protect the roof exterior from discoloration, black streaks and weathering. Since algae forms where there is moisture or high humidity, the material in Atlas Roof Shingles will keep your roof dry and prevent algae from forming in the first place. If you find a problem with your roof, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us today for a roof that is built to last.