Get Reliable Exterior Materials on Your Home that Will Last for Years

If you are in need of roofing services, siding or window services – then Peter L. Brown is your number one exterior maintenance company in Connecticut. The family-owned business has been successfully running since 1960. They have quickly built up a reputation over the years as the company in Connecticut homeowners can trust.

Our certified vinyl installers will help you to create your ideal home. As vinyl siding mimics the look of wood without the price, you can have an authentic looking wooden siding in a quick and easy application. With vinyl, it’s low-maintenance, better protect your home and will increase curb appeal. The seamless application will not show a staggered look where the vinyl siding piece ends and the next one begins. The surface is much smoother now than older types of vinyl siding.

For roofing, you want a strong material that lasts. Many roof types age very quickly. They acquire algae and mold, show streaks and even peel. With Atlas Roofing Shingles, it features Scotchgard protector which allows for optimum protection. It prevents algae, discoloration and streaking. It also prevents moisture build up and doesn’t require chemical cleaning or power washing. Unlike other roof types, it doesn’t crack or damage easily – making it a low maintenance option for many homeowners.

Brown Vinyl Siding

Our vinyl windows would be the perfect match to a new vinyl siding application. You can match your vinyl window color with your vinyl siding color. With our Mastic vinyl, it comes in a variety of rich colors that will compliment any home. For easy-to-install windows that come in a variety of designs from picture windows to sliding windows, go with Peter L. Brown vinyl windows.

When you are looking to increase curb appeal, save money and have exterior projects that are low-maintenance – contact Peter L. Brown today! With colors that compliment, materials that provide strength and craftsmanship that increases curb appeal – why trust any other company than us? Contact Peter L. Brown today, and go by our motto – “Do it right the first time and you wont have to do it again.”