Cedar Siding is a Connecticut Favorite


Cedar siding has gained popularity in CT, and is a top choice for homeowners across the country. People often choose this option for its style and durability. Cedar will give your home the warm look without much effort on your part. One of the greatest aspects to cedar is that it is eco-friendly, renewable and biodegradable. The upkeep is minimal, with little processing or treatment required.


The maintenance to cedar is ideal because it could last decades without much work put into it.  It needs to be treated when you first install it, and then refinished or repainted every 5 years. This will prevent the Cedar from aging and having a ‘rustic’ look. The color options for cedar are red or white, and the different patterns include rough cut, tongue and groove, board and batten and bevel. The look of cedar is an added bonus because it will blend in with almost all backgrounds. Inspections for insects are only twice a year to rule out any damage done to the wood, and the material does not warp or cut easily. Among all types of wood, cedar is the most resistant to rot, mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria.


cedar-sidingSo why is cedar such a popular look in CT? Is it because it provides your home with a beautiful exterior and warmth that you can’t find with other materials? Is it the low maintenance that gives the owners a peace of mind that they settled with the right choice? Or is it the lack of guilt that homeowners will feel when they learned their purchase was for the better of the environment?

Check out our cedar siding today to learn why people in CT are once again excited about their homes!