We Can Fix Your Damaged Siding

For our shingles, we have many different options to choose from. All of our shingles have a great appearance and are built to last. We combine our quality workmanship, with the added touch of our custom styles. When it comes to siding, it is hard to find quality siding that also has the distinct, attractive looks that you are trying to find. With our many options and styles, it makes it easy to shop for the perfect siding that fits to your exact home. To add the perfect touch to your roof, here are our options:


Half Round: For neo-traditional homes. The rough cedar-grain texture, and distinct scalloped edge add a beautiful touch to any home.

Perfection Shingle Double #7: Has the look of natural cedar shingles, with random gaps and a rough cedar-grain.


Hand Split Shake: Adds a rustic look with deep random grooves and a realistic texture.

Perfection Shingle Triple 5”: Gives off the look of real shingles through random gaps and cedar- grain texture.



If you could benefit from getting attractive vinyl siding for your residence in Granby CT, we are the company to call. When you recruit our pros for siding assistance, you can turn your property into the stuff of your dreams. Our first-rate siding materials are extremely impressive and provide your home with a modern, updated look.

Mastic Quest Siding: Our Mastic Quest siding is excellent for people who love the appearance of genuine wood. It’s also excellent for people who are interested in durability and designs that can withstand tornadoes. Our Mastic Quest siding comes in 35 basic colors. These range from enticing russet reds to dark blues and beyond. Some of the features that are part of Mastic Quest siding are sustainable formulas, zero need for paint, and long lengths.

If you’re looking for quality materials and quality workmanship, Peter L. Brown will provide both for you — and then some! Contact us for any vinyl siding needs in Granby CT!



The two most popular types of siding in the Delaware Valley are vinyl and fiber cement. Many homeowners already have vinyl siding installed on their home or are replacing their existing siding with vinyl or fiber cement which are more energy efficient and provide better insulation. Both types of siding present low-maintenance, durable options for your home.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Versatility, durability, and affordability are what make vinyl siding the most popular type of siding on the market. With a variety of colors paired with horizontal and vertical arrangements, vinyl siding is very customizable. The traditional look fits in well with other homes in the neighborhood and you can add accent areas to make your home pop while providing lasting protection.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Fairly new to the game, fiber cement siding had become recently popular because it is one of the most durable siding materials available. Many homeowners are installing fiber cement siding because it is extremely low maintenance and built to last. It is more expensive than vinyl but also comes with many custom options to make your home look great.


Whether you choose vinyl siding or fiber cement siding, there are many styles available that can give your home a unique look. No matter which siding style you select, you will also be able to customize the color, width, insulative properties, and more.

Horizontal Clapboard Siding

Horizontal Clapboard Siding is the most traditional siding style, and it dates back to the Colonial US. It offers the classic look of overlapping panels that have a wood texture. The overlap provides a line of shadow that adds to the profile of your home. The panels can be smooth or wood grain.

Dutch Lap Siding

Dutch Lap Siding creates more contrast between the planks by having more of a bevel in the middle. This gives the illusion of a thicker overlapping plank and a stronger shadow line. This siding style was originally hand carved and today’s siding mimics that.

Beaded Seam Siding

Like traditional, clapboard, and Dutch lap siding, Beaded Seam Siding uses a notch at the edge to provide a shadow line. This style uses a rounded notch that protrudes and connects to the next plank. This provides a nice, clean look and is often found on more upscale homes.

Siding Inspection and Maintenance Helps Performance

Siding Inspection and Maintenance Helps Performance

As with any major component of your home, it’s a good idea to make sure it is maintained. Many people think once siding is installed, it should be good to go for a lifetime. That is definitely not the case. Obviously, unexpected circumstances can cause damage to your siding, but often it is years of neglect that cause it to break down or become damaged.

One of the most common issues is caused by mold or mildew growth. While siding is meant to block out moisture it also has to breathe and if moisture gets behind the protective barrier, mold and mildew can grow. It’s a good idea to annually inspect your home’s siding and clean it at least once a year. This will help you notice any problem areas and help preserve the integrity of your siding.