Greet Your Guests with a New Entryway Door

With a new entryway door, you can customize the look of your home without having to spend a lot of money. Make an impact with a brand new door for less. Whether you want a bold, modern door or an inviting, traditional wooden door – the CT home improvement contractors at Peter L. Brown can give you the look you want at a price you can afford.

Greet Your Guests with an Inviting Wooden Door

To have a traditional, inviting door to welcome guests to your home – we have the perfect rich looking wooden doors. For a natural, warm appearance, this door is the perfect choice. You can get less expensive woods to top grade walnut and fir woods. The high-end materials make sturdy doors and are usually thicker which helps with insulation and seasonal changes.

Impress with the Energy Efficient Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass gives a realistic wood appearance at a more reasonable cost. The energy efficient door will impress while saving you money on energy. It is available in 7 stain finishes from our beautiful cherry series to our classic looking mahogany series. The strong material is engineered to prevent denting, cracking, warping and rotting. With striking details and a customizable frame, the fiberglass doors are everything you would need from an entryway door.

Protect Your Home with the Durable Steel Entry Doors

With steel entry doors, the embossed finished and deep shadow lines add modern design with character while also securing your home. The rich contouring lines add subtle detail that will be noticed by all. Steel doors are low maintenance, energy efficient and have a high definition design. Our steel doors are filled with foam for maximum insulation, strength and energy efficiency.

Here at Peter L. Brown, you can get a durable, energy efficient door all with a great appearance. Whether you want a steel, fiberglass, wooden or even a patio door Hartford CT – you can have a quality door at a great price. Contact Peter L. Brown today for an inviting entry door that will impress all.