In this video, our workers are installing expanding blown-in insulation from AttiCat. Insulation is so important because it greatly lowers the cost of heating and energy bills. Without a properly insulated room, the moisture and heat can raise energy bills and create ice dams which damage roofs. Condensation can also form, which can be confused with roof leaks. The AttiCat insulation is spread with no mess, is safe, and takes 1.5 hours to complete a 1,000 sq. ft. attic. The entire project can be done in less than 4 hours.

This video shows our workers installing vinyl siding to one of our client’s homes. Our clients enjoyed the look and ease of installation. The low maintenance is always a plus, because our vinyl siding is made with PVC, which will not flake or rot like other siding. The look makes the house appear more attractive because the siding is installed with unbroken, smooth pieces of siding. Don’t settle when it comes to the outside of your home; we guarantee our expertise installing seamless vinyl siding will impress all.

Our Fullback thermal support system is insulated vinyl siding with fullback thermal support system inside. Our siding gives the true looks and feel to traditional wood, unlike other vinyl sidings. It is solid and does not have a hollow back, so it filters air and noise. it is made durable, and has support, unlike many other vinyl sidings out today. Our siding is fool-proof because it is durable, long-term, energy-efficient, and does not need a coat of painting ever again.

This video shows the window thermal test facility using our unique testing equipment to look at the surface temperatures of the windows. We use infrared tests to tell the performance of thermal insulation from the windows. The different colors coming up on the thermal imaging screen will show how much thermal insulation the window can store.