Weston Home Improvement Contractor

Peter L. Brown is a family run business that has been going strong since the 1960’s. From vinyl siding to roofing and doors, they have been the exterior home improvement contractor that Connecticut residents can trust. Their commitment to excellence is why homeowners choose them time after time.

Weston Vinyl Siding Contractors

A vinyl siding application is a great way to add color to your home with many bold and bright Mastic Vinyl siding choices. Get the seamless siding look, without your exterior showing where a piece of siding ends and where the next one begins. The curb appeal that you will get from a new vinyl siding application is a big selling point to any home.

Weston Vinyl Siding Contractors

With vinyl replacement windows, you can add drama and a look of class with everything from picture windows to sliding windows. The vinyl windows have the same color choices as the vinyl siding, which will pair perfect with each other. The windows are not only low maintenance, but also energy efficient – so you can have years of  annual savings.

Weston Window Replacement

Do not forget to pay attention to your roof! A lot of roofing problems can be quickly solved from an annual roof inspection. If you need a new roof installed, try a reliable and experienced roofing contractor from Peter L. Brown. Our Atlas roof shingles will keep your roof clean, prevent algae growth and will look brand new after years of use!

Weston Door Replacement

Installing professional entry and storm doors is easy with the professionals at Peter L. Brown. Upgrade your door to one of our quality materials: fiberglass, wood, steel and more! Our EnergyStar qualified door will help give you protection from the elements while providing a more energy efficient interior. To improve the look and comfort of your home, have one of our doors installed today!

Weston Gutter Protection

Your gutters make up a large part of your home’s health. Without them functioning correctly, it can cause water to leak into the foundation of your home and cause severe damage. Prevent everything from leaves and debris to water and animals from clogging up your gutter with our quality gutter guards.  Improve the efficiency of your gutters and the health of your home today.

Weston Insulation Contractors

By properly insulating your home, it is the easiest way to have added energy efficiency and protection from air seeping in or out of your home. This is a great way to save a lot of extra money on energy bills, while keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Let our insulation contractors evaluate your home to make sure your insulation is doing its job.

Why Choose Peter L. Brown for Weston Home Improvement

Peter L. Brown is the full-service exterior company that homeowners in Connecticut can trust. Much of our work is done to residential and commercial properties in the Hartford county area. They are experts on outdoor improvement projects, focusing on: vinyl siding, vinyl windows, gutter protection, roofing and patio and entryway doors.

Finding the perfect solutions to your home’s exterior is easier than ever with help from Peter L. Brown. The quality craftsmanship from our friendly staff is worth every penny. They have years of experience providing you with top quality products that will last for years. We are only concerned about your biggest asset – your home.  Our customers over the years have rated usthe top exterior home remodeling company around!

We believe that our customers should have the best craftsmanship, top quality products, a friendly staff and reasonable priced services.  Our services will not only improve the comfort of your home but will also heighten the value while making it more visually appealing. So contact Peter L. Brown today to get stated on designing your dream home!

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