7 ways to Get Your Roof Winter-Ready

1.  Air Leaks – If there are any air leaks in your home be sure to cover them up before the cold air gets through. Leaks are what causes more than one third of energy use. Be sure to look carefully at walls, outlets, ceilings, windows, doors, vents, etc. Even the most minescule hole in the wall can cost you a lot of money.

2. Finish the Basement and Attic – Without insulation in the basement or the attic, a large amount of energy will be lost. The best time to finish one of these areas is before the winter, and before overspending to heat a house with inadequate insulation in the winter.

3. Repair/ Replace Your Roof – Your roof needs to be strong enough for the upcoming winter storms. If it is not stable to handle ice damming and snow piling on top, then it is time to get a roof consultation. Your roof is your home’s primary barrier against element’s, so when it is compromised, a lot of damage can be done.

4. Repair loose Shingles – Impending snow storms can further deteriorate shingles, and damage them to the point of no repair. It is easier to repair a few shingles than to re-do the whole roof.

p_00165. Window Repair or Energy Efficient Window Treatments – Windows are an important part of saving energy during the harsh winter months. Ensuring your windows are designed specifically for winter, and using cellular shades is a way to save on energy. One little open space in your windows can cost you a lot of money in extra heating that could have been preserved with newer windows.

6. Clean out and Repair Gutters – Cleanout & Repair Gutters – Cleaning gutters is important because you do not want them to get clogged when the snow falls. You want the gutters to be able to filter out water and snow seamlessly. After cleaning out the gutters, you should be able to see if there are any dings or cracks in the gutter. If there are a lot of these, if can hinder the flow of the water. We would gladly be willing to evaluate your gutters, and repair or replace them if needed.

7. Exterior Fixes – – Finding where cracks on the outside of your home where cold air can seep through, is a good way to determine if you need to repair your siding. Raking leaves from your yard will prevent ice dams. Clearing out leaves from your gutters will leave them open, and prevent pests like ants. A leaking gutter can leak water into the walls and rot the wood. Another wise home improvement is to fill in cracks on the driveways and sidewalks before the ice fills them in. .