Repairs to do for the Fall

Fall is the perfect time to start a new house project before facing roadblocks in the winter. If you are in need of any Roof Repair. Starting any projects before winter and the holidays is the ideal time for any project. Waiting until the winter to get a project done can be postponed by snow and bitter cold temperatures. Winter is the best time for staying inside and enjoying home improvement projects completed in the fall, so why not get your early start now?


  1. Roof Repair – The number one project recommended before the start of winter and the frigid cold is repairing roofs. You may not know about cracks or leaks in your roof until winter, when snow starts falling into your house. The best time to evaluate your roof now before the job expense multiplies. Summer is not an ideal time to do roofs, because the hottest part of the house is the roof – and excessive heat may extend the time frame of a project.
  2. Window Replacement – Window repair and replacement is another project to avoid doing in the winter at all costs. During the fall, you may feel drafts of cool air leaking through your windows. First, if there is a crack in the window, your energy bill will skyrocket in the winter. Next, the weather elements in the winter – including snow, sleet, hail and freezing rain can cause a lot of damage is you have a crack in your window. Repair in the winter is possible, but this would mean a temporary wall would have to be built to protect the interior. On the outside of the window, you may need a small frame to protect from the weather elements trying to enter inside the house. Contact us for a window evaluation this fall to avoid the frigid weather in the winter!

These repairs and maintenance will keep your home in peak condition throughout the winter. Let us service your house so it will not only last throughout the fall, but for many years to come!